Welcome to The Mockingbird Chronicles!

The Mockingbird Chronicles is poems, lists, and musings about life in Skunk Hollow, a little bowl between the arms of Mt. Pisgah ridge near the Susquehanna River in York County, PA.

I was harvesting in the cauliflower patch one October afternoon, talking to myself about starting a blog, and the mockingbird began to sing in the treeline. I have always had a pretty harsh internal editor, and it came to me as I stood there that I can fire my editor, and hire Mockingbird instead. “Use more words,” he says. “Repeat, repeat, repeat! If you don’t like the way it came out, repeat until you get it right. If you like what you said, say it again. Say it louder, say it in French, in Swahili, in Hindi, in Japanese!” No more excuses. No more abandoned journals. No more shame.

I am the author of Holding the Bowl of the Heart and The Song of the Toad and the Mockingbird, two books of poetry published by Skunk Holler Poetryworks, in Delroy, Pennsylvania.

You can order copies of the books directly from me, using Paypal. The $15 cost of each book includes shipping. Email me at 4goldfinches@gmail.com. Or click on the book titles in the right sidebar, and order them directly from Amazon.