Happy Dance

Gratitude List:
1.  Being Fourth Runner Up.  (At the beginning of November, I started this blog as a way to force myself to keep doing the regular exercise of writing a daily poem with Writer’s Digest blogger Robert Brewer’s prompts for the Poem-A-Day Chapbook Challenge.  I gathered the poems from that month, formed them into a chapbook with help from some wonderful women, and submitted it to the contest.  This morning I found out that I am the Fourth Runner Up!  That’s sort of like Sixth Place.  There’s no money or publication or fame attached, but it feels so good.  And the poems of the Winner and the Honorable Mention that Brewer posted this morning–they were really wonderful.  Now to prepare the manuscript to send to Finishing Line Press for their contest–deadline extended to the middle of March.)  Happy dance!
2.  Crows flying across the field in an Ursa Major formation
3.  Jen Brant’s amazing chocolate raspberry flour-less cake deliciousness
4.  Joy, joy, joy
5.  Hugs
May we walk in beauty.

Just Beneath the Words

Day 4 Prompt: Begin with Just Beneath________

Just beneath the words
which you have placed with such care
into the bowl on the table
there is an empty room
with walls of blue
and a folding chair.

Just there, outside the window
is a tree with three small leaves
which quiver in the winter wind.

Just above the tree a crow is flying.
You have been speaking its name
into the wooden bowl.
Its name is not Despair.

Just inside the sun-whitened skull of the crow
in the leaves on the hillside
squats a tiny brown toad.
It listens for the sound
of your name in the wind.

Mention the Moon

Poem-a-Day, Day 2 Prompt:  Write about the Full Moon.

You need not wade through the mists and bogs to reach the moon.
You need not climb a ladder of cobweb.
You need not ride the stallions that wicker in the sea’s pounding surf.

Draw back the curtain and open the window.
Breathe the bracing air and listen:
The whinny of an owl, the click of the bat,
The grunt of a buck and the distant roar of the train.

The full moon will spill a milky road before you.
That is all the pathway you will need.

Beginning with Poem-A Day

November Poem-a-Day Challenge.
Day 1 Prompt: Write something about matches. 
Oh my.  Here goes:

Then there was the one about the witch
who walked into a bar
in search of a match.

I don’t recall the punchline, though
I know she’d lost her broom,
and snow was in her hair.

Perhaps she’d lost her wand as well,
forgotten the Latin words
for ignite, combust, enkindle.

I heard she called a taxi
before she wandered out into the wind,
leaving behind her the scent of sulfur and jasmine.