A Prayer Bundle, Catnip, and Windflowers

My little bundle of hopes and wishes and prayers is waiting in my little memorial garden. 

Gratitude List:
1. I am so often NOT sick. My stomach has been unsettled all day. I hope it doesn’t turn into something more unsettling, but I am grateful that I so rarely feel like this. (That sounds like a complaint couched in a gratitude, but I am truly grateful for that, and it helps me not to settle into whining about how I feel.)
2. The way the windflower settle all across the lawn
3. More fun with the cat in the catnip patch
4. Warm jammies
5. Grammar rules. And breaking the rules.

May we walk in Beauty!

A Pleasant Day

It’s a pleasant day for an old man cat, when the sun shines and the catnip is rising through the myrtle. ¬†(Photo by Farmer Jon.)

UNESCO has named March 21 World Poetry Day. ¬†Someone on my Facebook page suggested we mark the day by quoting Mary Oliver: “Pay attention. / Be astonished. / Tell about it.” I read that part of that one to my classes today.

See if you can catch
a wriggling poem from air
to mark the new day.

Gratitude List:
1. Happy cat
2. Clear fresh water
3. Poetry and Poets
4. Wise women
5. A good book

May we walk in Beauty!