Coyotes and Goats

Someone was walking through the snow beside the porch today, taking the Coyote Road.

Gratitude List:
1. Petting two-day-old goats at Sonya’s today. Precious babies.
2. Afternoon nap
3. Charcoal. Slow, controlled burn.
4. Blue Heron sighting. I always feel a blessing when one flies above.
5. The satisfaction of submitting poems for publication.

May we walk in Beauty!

Clouds like Mountains

1. Coyotes in the bosque.  I didn’t see them.  Jon did.  (Now my heart is a little fluttery with sadness because this afternoon, someone knocked on our door and asked if he could hunt foxes and coyotes on our property. We said, “No, we like them here.”)
2. The sound of the white-throat as we shoveled the drive this morning.
3. Family.  Weaver family reunion this afternoon.  It’s great to re-connect and hear everyone’s stories.
4. Those clouds that looked like mountains in the distance.
5. When people’s dreams come true.

May we walk in Beauty!