A Thousand Shades of Blue

The Hans Herr House, from a couple years ago. Blue sky.

This is the first of two posts today.

Today’s prompt is to write a preface poem.

To write a poem is to shapeshift,
to become spider, who anchors her line
upon a slender twig high in the sycamore,
then casts herself forth upon air
to float earthward, supported only
by the capricious air and the line
of her own making, trusting to its strength,
trusting that her web will travel from Point A
to Point B in the most efficient line possible.

I wrote this last year on this day, on my Facebook page. Let’s keep looking for those doors. And I think about that line I wrote in the poem yesterday about God being a Mother who opens our doors. She helps us find the new ones, too.

“This morning, I feel as though a door has opened wide within me. It’s like those dreams, where I am wandering through Grandma’s old Victorian house, and opening doors I never noticed before, and finding rooms I have never seen. Suddenly, in a dark inner corner that I thought led to a dead end, I have found a new door, cobweb-covered and enshadowed, with deep green paint beneath the dust. And behind the door, a thousand shades of blue.

“Walk through the shadows to find the next Yes.

“Of course, this doesn’t change the world. But it does en-courage me to step forward. Let’s all take hands as we find our new doors, our new steps forward into darkness and light.”

Gratitude List:
1. La Luna
2. Los gatos
3. Pumpkin pie and pumpkin roll
4. My sweet snuggly kiddos
5. Teaching Nate to knit–he’s a fast learner

May we walk in Beauty!

Water is Life


Today’s poetry prompt is to write a “When ________” poem.

When You Sit Down
by Beth Weaver-Kreider

When you sit down to your grateful table
to celebrate the comfortable tale
of kindness and cooperation
between indigenous Americans
and the frozen, starving refugees
who sought new life in this land,

give a thought for those who stand
today upon a bridge, in frigid weather,
blasted by the water cannon,
harried by grenades and dogs,
who would preserve this land that they belong to,
who seek to protect her waters.

Remember how the now enfolds the past,
how it is wrapped within the future,
how the stories and the legends
build themselves upon each other,
how mists obscure the truth of time
as water droplets freeze on the Dakota plain.

On the Eve of this Thanksgiving, I am grateful for:
1. Organ Donors, especially the one who gave the gift of life to my friend Kyla. May her Donor’s family experience some comfort in knowing that the good strong heart of their loved one has given new life to another who is loved by oh-so-many.
2. The Water Protectors. All of them around the world, but in particular the Indigenous people of the United States who are standing for their rights and for the rights of the Earth in North Dakota, despite the constant and growing human rights violations of the forces arrayed against them. May they prevail.
3. The way new doors open in the blind places. This one may be a tight fit, but there are a thousand shades of blue over there on the other side.
4. This process: Daydream, envision, create.
5. Sweet potato quesadillas. With sour cream and super spicy tomatillo salsa.

May we walk in Beauty!