Gratitude List:
1. Rising. All the little spring plants are rising up. Aconite and hellebore. Onion grass. I’ve been meaning to get a hellebore for years, and last year my friend gave me one. The greenery has been up since Brigid’s Day. May soon we’ll see a shy Lenten Rose.
2. Chocolate. Yeah, I bought “too much” for Young Son’s classroom. The “extras” were yummy.
3. Elderberry and zinc. Crossing my fingers that I can keep this cold at bay. I’m usually fine in the mornings, but I crash in the afternoons. I am going to take my elderberry and zinc along to school. Maybe I should nap during lunch–sleep seems to be one of the best revivers.
4. Homemade pizza.
5. Safety nets. We have yearly mental health screenings for students at certain grade levels at our school. A team of gentle souls from a local counseling center interviews students, giving them a chance to talk about their problems. I dream about the day we could get an ongoing grant or something to be able to screen all kids every year. One thing this does is that it normalizes this kind of conversation about mental health. It’s a check-up, just like a physical.

May we walk in Beauty!

Clear Vision

“Amma Syncletica said, ‘There are many who live in the mountains and behave as if they were in town, and they are wasting their time. It is possible to be a solitary in one’s own mind while living in a crowd, and it is possible for one who is a solitary to live in the crowd of his own thoughts.’ “

Gratitude List:
1. Elderberry syrup
2. Story to listen to on the journey
3. Boy making Christmas
4. Clear vision
5. Developing the interior castle

May we walk in Beauty!