Coyotes and Goats

Someone was walking through the snow beside the porch today, taking the Coyote Road.

Gratitude List:
1. Petting two-day-old goats at Sonya’s today. Precious babies.
2. Afternoon nap
3. Charcoal. Slow, controlled burn.
4. Blue Heron sighting. I always feel a blessing when one flies above.
5. The satisfaction of submitting poems for publication.

May we walk in Beauty!

Press One for Prosperity

Phone prompts poem. . .  Thanks to Nicole LaRue for the goats.

Greetings!  This is Auntie Beth’s Happy Place.
We hope you are having a pleasant day.
Please listen carefully to all of the following items
as our options are apt to change daily.

Press one for prosperity,
two for love,
three for vitality.
For luck, fortune or destiny,
press four, five, or six.
Press seven if your goat’s been gotten,
eight if you just can’t get it down the stairs.
Press nine for a whole new menu
of delightful options,
and zero for the operator.

To make an appointment
with one of our psychics,
visualize your appointment preference,
hang up the phone,
and wait for us to contact you.


Wednesday’s Prompt

I want to try a ghazal.  I’ll be inside with the boys most of the day tomorrow except for a trip to the library, so hopefully I’ll have time to work on it.  Here’s a basic description of how to write a ghazal, if you care to join me.

Gratitude List:

1.  The smudges of snow-clouds drifting around the sky this morning
2.  That indigo-violet cloud with the magenta underbelly this evening
3.  The skitter and whoosh of the flicker as it flies out of the barn every morning when I pass on my way to the chickens
4.  The amazing learning capacity of children
5.  A real cold snap.  Really.  It will kill some bugs.

May we walk in beauty.