You Are Welcome Here

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Gratitude List:
1. Lancaster, PA. Hundreds of people stood on the four corners of Penn Square to support refugees from Muslim countries, to resist the Muslim Ban. I stood with Iraqi friends, with Syrian friends. There were teachers and students there from my school, people from church, people from the peace groups, babies and teenagers, elders and middle-agers. The trees were still wrapped in their holiday lights, and people were carrying candles and signs. There were pink hats and hijabs and shaved heads. Laughter and shouting and tears.
2. That bowl of a moon that smiled down on us, filled with a twinkling of Earthshine, there, next to bright Venus.
3. The scarf-bombers. On our way out, we passed through a gathered group of scarf-bombers, pixies out on the town, leaving warm treasures for those who need warmth on a cold night. I knew at least one student from my school in that group, too.
4. The World-Changers. I am filled with pride to think that at two different events in Lancaster tonight, one to show support for displaced people, and one to show support for homeless people–at both of those events were students from my school. I am awash in pride and wonderment at their determination to good in the world.
5. Respite. Retreat. Rejuvenation.

May we walk in Beauty!  So much love.

Seeking Sleep–pantoum in progress

A long day at Lancaster Science Factory today.  It was perfect, and the boys loved it, but I did not have time to work on the pantoum, and I’m really too tired to write it tonight.  So far, this is what I have:

A flock of sixteen snow geese flew high
above the hollow into a dream
scudding like clouds across the sky

That’s it.  And I just can’t take it further tonight.  Hopefully I can work it out tomorrow.

Friday Prompt

Finish the pantoum.

Gratitude List:
1.  Family field trips
2.  Cheesesteaks
3.  Meeting an old friend
4.  Snow geese
5.  Moments of grace

May we walk in beauty.