Beauty in the Little Things

I keep thinking I ought to repaint the door, and then I come to my senses and see the beauty.

Gratitude List:
1. Heart conversations
2. Wise friends
3. The Makers–they inspire me. Make your stuff. Buy things made by humans. Besides the art and the grace of items made by human hands, there’s a deep problem-solving intelligence that imbues handmade items.
4. My shadow-self. I am learning, again, as I eventually do each fall-to-winter turning, to embrace her. She has things to teach me.
5. Twistings of black branches against a grey sky. Austere, in a quiet and thoughtful sense.

May we walk in Beauty!

The Makers and the Artists

We met this earnest fellow in Columbia yesterday.

Gratitude List:
1. The artists and makers. People who create things because they have an internal need to do so. They often get labeled folk artists, and I like that as long as it isn’t a dismissal of their talent and their drive. ¬†In Columbia, there’s the mailbox man, and south of town, by the River, a man built a boat in his yard–a huge boat with masts and rigging.
2. Sermons that call me to be my better self. Yesterday’s was a reminder to love those who hate. How easily I dismiss the hateful. What will be the next steps that you and I can take to lovingly engage those who put forth hateful rhetoric in these days?
3. A new week, a fresh page.
4. The way leaves dance down the wind.
5. The Water Protectors. People are putting themselves on the line to protect their lands and waters and burial grounds. I am easily discouraged when I watch the harsh and violent response to their protests, but I am heartened by their continued work.

May we walk in Beauty!