We keep reminding ourselves that sometimes after big ice storms, power grids go down for a week, for weeks.  We have been told that we should have power by Sunday.  I keep remembering that there are people who don’t have at least a dozen friends and family offering warm houses, meals, showers.  It is humbling to remember that there are people for whom finding a warm place to stay, to keep their children warm–for some people this is a daily experience, not a response to a storm emergency.  And we have a place to go back to when all is said and done.

Oh, it’s frustrating having to strategize every morning what our day will be like, where Jon will go to keep the children warm while I am at work during the day, when we will go home to that cold house to take care of the cats and the chickens, worrying about whether the pump will freeze, whether the canned goods will freeze, what we’re going to do about the rotting food in the freezer when all is said and done.  But it’s also a bit of an adventure, like going on vacation here at home.  Spending the night with grandparents, eating out as often as we want to.  All is truly well.  What a safety net we have–so many good people offering help.  So much love.

Gratitude List:
1.  Warmth, warm places
2.  Plan B and C, safety nets
3.  Sunlight on snow
4.  The resilience of children
5.  Warmth, warm hearts

May we walk in Beauty.