Spiraling Inward

It isn’t a labyrinth, exactly, although it serves the same prayerful purpose. If you look closely and use your imagination, you can see that I shuffled a spiral in to the base of the maple tree.

November was going to be for morning serious writing sessions for me. I was going to get right down to writing, first thing, before the household wakes up. Somehow it hasn’t quite unfolded with the grace I had hoped for. My mornings have been more frantic and last minute as I try to rearrange my brain from that deep space to the focus of the day. Easier to continue to focus my morning writing on the quick little projects that I usually work on. I don’t feel like this is a failure so much as a recognition that the work that I normally do in this time is all writing practice. It’s just not writing toward a particular end goal. I have to find a different time of day for the goal-centered writing.

And editing. This is not the first time I have been working with the goddesses who descend–with Innana/Ishtar, with Persephone–and I feel a little like I am rewriting, like what I need to to organize what I have already written before I start the new stories.

Today, I am going to set myself a little writing goal. I am going to write Skinny poems: They’re eleven lines long. Line 1 is a phrase that catches your attention. Lines 2-10 are one word each. Lines 2, 6, and 10 are the same word. Line 11 uses the exact same words as the phrase in line 1, and these can be in any order that works for you. Le Hinton introduced us to this form on Friday, and it’s captured my attention, especially since I have gone googling Le’s Skinnys.

Gratitude List:
1. Inner work that helps me to bear the walk into the darkness.
2. I received a sweet gratitude from a student yesterday, something that reminded me of who I am and what my purpose is.
3. Yellow labyrinth-spiral of leaves beneath the maple tree.
4. Reaching small goals.
5. Rice and refried beans wrapped in a tortilla with all the fixings. It’s simple comfort.

May we walk in Beauty!


Gratitude List:
1. The red oak down Ducktown Road
2. All of Ducktown, really. Orange and yellow and every shade of fire.
3. Rice and beans.
4. Edgar Allen Poe and James Earl Jones
5. Listening to audiobooks on the ride to and from school with the carpool. Right now it’s Maggie Stiefvater’s Dream Thieves, part of her Raven Cycle series. Such excellent writing. I remember feeling this sort of delight in the writing of Douglas Adams, Patricia McKillip, Terry Pratchett (for different reasons, but the same sort of excitement about every sentence).

May we walk in Beauty!

Gratitude List

1.  The sturdy little oak on the corner of Water and James Streets in Lancaster.
2.  Nag champa
3.  Looking for the patterns.  Dendritic agate.
4.  Milk beans and rice.
5.  That interview with Barry Manilow on NPR this morning.  I could hear the wonder creep into his voice when he talked about making music.  After 4 decades.  And he was humble.