Resilience and Resistance

Friends I met on my walk yesterday:
1. Crow. Crow reminds me to get the wide perspective, to take on the adventure that any wind offers, to speak my mind. Crows don’t take heed for nothing.
2. Dogbane. Dogbane reminds me to be resourceful, to take note of the helpers who are always present, and to spin: cord, stories, prayers. . .
3. Deer. She ran across Schmuck Road, causing an SUV to brake. She reminds me to pause. She reminds me to love myself unconditionally, to live from the heart, to listen.
4. Monarch. He reminds me of resilience, how fragility and strength are not mutually exclusive. He reminds me to always look for beauty in everything.
5. Scarlet Pimpernel. A tiny five-petaled scarlet flower found in the grasses. When I was in college, I watched the old black and white movie The Scarlet Pimpernel, about a French dandy who uses disguises to rescue aristocrats condemned to the guillotine. What I took away from the movie is the importance of resisting the machines vengeance and death-dealing. Be surprising. Pop up wherever you’re needed.

What messages is the world sending your way?

Wrap Me up in Spiderwebs

2013 June 139
Scarlet Pimpernel

Gratitude List:
1.  The bank of wildflowers in that lawn at the edge of Yorkana.
2.  Tomatoes and peppers in the freezer.
3.  Two-year-olds.  They turn my heart to puddles.  They could wrap me up in spiderwebs and lead me off to faerieland without a struggle.
4.  Rest.
5.  Connection.   Interface.  Meeting.

May we walk in Beauty!