Senior Presentations

Another message in the classroom Zen Garden: “Don’t touch me. I’m Beautiful.”

Gratitude List after Senior Presentations:
1. Families blessing their children
2. A son weeping with the power of his emotions when he tells of his loving mother and wise grandmother
3. The shining eyes of friends supporting their friends
4. Teachers and administrators preparing to help young people launch
5. Life stories

May we walk in Beauty!

Marking the Seasons

2013 May 051

orange moon hangs low
caught in the oak tree’s branches
morning comes slowly

Gratitude List:
1. Campus Chorale concert last evening, and the way the boys let themselves get totally absorbed in the music.
2. More senior presentations tonight. I love my role in this rite of passage.
3. Marking the seasons.  This is the first week of spring, and also Holy Week in the Christian calendar.  Lots of pieces to contemplate.
4. Morning snuggles.
5. Owls.

May we walk in Beauty!