Wear Gratitude Like a Cloak

“Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.” —Rumi
Like big sweaters and soft scarves on a chilly fall morning, I am finding a return to a regular practice of gratitude to be fortifying against internal chills.

Gratitude List:
1. One small boy submitted a cello piece he wrote, to the York Symphony Orchestra Song Writing Contest for students. He received a call from the director yesterday that he won an honorable mention. I’m so happy that his hard work received some recognition.
2. Stories. Grit. Resilience. Resolve.
3. The small sounds of morning. The little water fountain, a boy shuffling through pages in the next room. Small cat squeaks and mews of greeting.
4. Advocates.
5. A warm robe and slippers.

May we walk in Beauty!

Ride the Wave

Today’s prompt is to write a poem titled __________ Wave.

Ride the Wave

If you watch closely
as it approaches
you can begin to feel
the energy enter your body
before the water
even takes shape.

Enter the sound and the color
before the matter engages you.

And suddenly you are part of it,
caught in the song of it,
bound in the curve and the crash
and the pull of the wave.

Gratitude List:
1. Speedwell and dandelion and grape hyacinth and violet and deadnettle. The little quiet beauties that catch your eye when you’re least expecting it. “Wake up now,” they say.
2. Spring in the air
3. People who put their souls and hearts into what they do. Art that is more than technical perfection, but is a reflection of humanity.
4. Getting some of the work done. Not nearly enough. But some. The load begins to lift.
5. Blooming. Flowers, children, teenagers, relationships, work, ideas.

May we walk in Beauty!

Honesty / Dishonesty

crazies 1

(Sometimes things just appear in the Chromebook photo files.)

Today’s prompt, two for Tuesday, is to write an honest and/or a dishonest poem.  This is something of an experiment.  This is not about anyone I know personally.  She is more of an idea, or an idea of an idea.  I don’t know if I am saying what I mean, or making up a meaning by saying.

I knew a woman
honest as the rain,
honest as the bluest sky,
whose hands opened and closed
like petals in the sun.

And we were all afraid of her,
of the scorch and the soak of her,
the blinding goodness of her.

We all harbored our demons in secret,
nourished them in those secret rooms
under the quiet earth,
deep in our shadowselves.

And still she came seeking us,
always revealing us,
breaking down the doors of us.

‘Til there was nothing but blue sky,
rain in the mornings,
and her hands, closing and opening.

And we were no more.

Gratitude List:
1. My voice.  I have lost it at the moment, and am suddenly grateful for the gift of speech.
2. People who try to understand others in a situation rather than try to establish their rights in the situation.
3. The green and reddish frosting on the woods that cover the hills by the River.
4. How sounds carry meaning.  I am grateful for the way this job of teaching English keeps me always aware of language, of sound and meaning.
5. Jamming on the violin with Ellis on the cello.  We’re incredibly squeaky, but we like the way we sound together.

May we walk in Beauty!


I’m just going to riff on some sounds this morning, I think, get a train of thought going down the track and see where it goes.  Don’t mind me.  It all began when a friend posted a photo of a coyote on my FB page this morning.  Who knows what will come of it?  Sort of like the day that is being born at the moment.  I might just try to riff my way through the day a little bit, too.  Here goes:

when you post the photo
of that lonesome fellow
coyote on the go

when you know
how that long road
leads to nowhere
to nowhere

when you venture
through the veils
in the center of your dreams
in the very seeming center
of your dreams

then you believe
then you know
that the answer
will not show itself
in words


Gratitude List:
1. Word play
2. Sense of impending rain
3. Good solid sleep
4. More than one possibility
5. Writing on the porch

May we walk in Beauty!

Toad Redux

A week or so ago I posted a collage-style poem, “The Song of the Toad and the Little Birds.”  Toads seem to be lurking their way into my work of late.  Here’s a sequel, or perhaps a Part II:

The toad squats
behind the poem
of the little birds

Underneath its tongue
is a red jasper
and its name is Patience

It is listening for the sound
of the sound of your name
in the falling rain
in the sound of a car
turning the corner

It is listening for your heartbeat
as you wait to be born

If you look closely enough
you will see the thin golden chain
around its left wrist

If you wait
you will hear a sigh
like the settling
of a leaf
in the grass.


Gratitude List:
1.  Feeling energized by the work of the day
2.  Toads
3.  Dragonstone
4.  Balance and paradox
5.  Layers of meaning
May we walk in beauty.

Toad visiting the Faerie house, Summer 2009