Will You Answer the Call of Love?

A shadow is a kind of reflection.

Today’s Prompt is to write a correspondence poem. Mine will be about the elemental correspondences with the cardinal directions.

In the east, the birds are singing the day awake,
the breezes whisper through the branches,
and all the bells are ringing.
Inspiration flies in on golden wings.
Weave, spin, and cut the threads
with a two-edged blade of finest silver.
What is being born in you?

To the south, the sun is burning,
and that which came to you as woven light
begins to kindle and flame up.
Life force surges all around you,
and you feel your own fires rising.
Nurture the burning within you.
What is calling you to dance?

In the west, the creeks and brooks
tumble over stones and sand and clay,
on their way to rivers and bays and oceans.
Now is the time to listen to your heart,
to flow with the feelings that stream
through you and around you.
What is the message of your heart?

To the north, the wolves are howling,
where caves are hidden in the boulders.
The roots of things travel fathoms deep,
and earth is a solid base for your footsteps.
Your body is your home, and you must tend it,
listening for echoes from within the earth herself.
What holds and supports you?

Move to the center and feel the spirit swirling,
the place where wind and flame,
water and stone meet and quicken,
where animating breath meets life force,
where heart meets head, and stone becomes flesh,
and the Beloved calls you to Become.
Will you answer the call of Love?

A Day in the Hollow

Katharine’s prompt was to look East, North, West and South and work the first thing I see in each direction into a poem.  At East: the trees of Life and Death (a dead snag next to a living tree); at South, the neighbors’ silo; at West, the lamp post; at North, the rooster on the weather vane.

Morning will appear
between two trees on the ridge,
gateway between the worlds,
the dead and the living,
and the day born between them.

Blue silo rises
in the next valley over.
Mid-day sun will glint
from the shiny silver dome,
like code meant for the chickens.

Shadows climb the hill
As the sun tops the west ridge.
The lamp will wink on
and spread a puddle of light
into the misty evening.

When the north wind blows
whistling into the hollow
the rooster screeches
from the iron weather vane.
Night settles over the fields.



Tomorrow’s prompt is also from Katharine Jennings.  She suggested that tomorrow I take Ellis and Joss outside and ask what Ellis sees to the north, and what Joss sees to the south.  If you care to join me, you can find your own children or child-like spirit to fulfill the prompt, or I will try to remember to post my children’s observations in the morning, if you want theirs.


Gratitude List:

1.  Papaya with lime that takes me back to the shores of Lake Victoria
2.  Ellis’ utter delight at making an AM radio with his electricity set
3.  Praesiolite in the shape of a wing
4.  Boundaries
5.  Still so very much to learn

May we walk in beauty!