Making Meaning

I have been thinking about how I make meaning as I speak.  As I am talking, I come to know what I mean.  I might have ideas and thoughts in my head, but the nuance and subtleties of language shift and tweak the essence of a thought.  It grows or shrinks as I speak it.  Sometimes in conversation I find myself saying a thing, only to realize that it’s not exactly what I meant, so I need to re-phrase and re-re-phrase it.  I love conversations where people work at that process together.  Sometimes I am left confused when I assume that someone will be joining me in that conversational work, and then they don’t really get it.

I think that’s why I like poetry.  Using words so intentionally, packing so much meaning into each word, means that the landscape of meaning shifts and twists with each reading, sometimes becoming clearer and more defined, and other times deconstructing and separating out into many threads.

Gratitude List:
1.  The wonderful owl kites that Suzy Hamme gave the kids.  Ellis ran around the farm for hours today with an owl flapping behind him.  What magic you gave us, my friend!
2.  Picnic at Sam Lewis State Park, flying kites, rolling down the hill, climbing the rocks, playing on the playground, pretending to be astronauts and aliens.
3.  Planting a garden with the kids (which was mostly me planting and them sort of diddling, but still, it was a fun project.
4.  The way the sun rays sparkled through the cloud just before sunset.
5.  Dreams that bring comfort.

May we walk in Beauty.

2 thoughts on “Making Meaning

  1. I don’t know how this all works – not – sure you will see it; but, perhaps apropos to my comment: Once the words cross your lip – or your fingers they are never the same as you perceived/conceived them; I do not know if that is a challenge or a surrender.


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