Last Straw

Yesterday’s prompt was the last straw.  A little doggerel will do it.

I always can bear so much more than I think.
It takes a big shove to get me over the brink.

But watch out, little people, for the household law:
hitting each other is Mama’s last straw.


Meh.  So I wasn’t inspired to write yesterday.  I was inspired to read, though.  My mother sent me a bit of Rilke’s 9th Duino Elegy.  That’s worth carrying around in your pocket for a week or two.   I went to bed early instead of trying to write because we’re off to Lancaster this morning soon to participate in the YWCA’s Race Against Racism.

Gratitude List for Yesterday:
1. Fourth Friday in the Rivertowns.  We only got to two galleries, but we got to see a thoughtful exhibit of the work of Lloyd Mifflin.  I would love a print of one of his Susquehanna pieces for my wall.  Almost like Thomas Cole in its sense of a big, big world.
2. The Labyrinth Floor in the Jonal Gallery.  The owners spent months hand-burning and staining the wood to make it.  People create beauty simply for its own sake.
3. Rilke.  Always Rilke.  And Brooks and Lorde and Merwin.  And Oliver and Collins and Whitman and Piercy and Sanchez and Berry.  Poets.
4. Pushing myself
5. Making things.  Making our own lives.  Making beauty.  Making functional tools.  Making community.

May we walk in Beauty!


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