Gratitude List:
1.  Cracking black walnuts with my little buddy: “You be the nut cracker.  I’ll be the nut eater.”  And, “I’m going inside for a moment.  Fill that bin up with the big pieces while I’m gone.  You can have the little pieces.”  Well, thank you very much.
2. Tidy work spaces.  My studio room is again clean and tidy and ready to be my office.  While I was cleaning, I found the beginnings of a children’s story that I started about 15 years ago–I might have to turn it into something now.  And tidiness makes me want to work on projects.  Plus, now I have a space to keep my supplies for teaching, and a quiet place to work.
3.  The little red Japanese maple tree out back is almost big enough now for a child or two to hide beneath.  Like the one at Grandma’s house, which is no more.
4. How one thing leads to another.  This can be bad when the one thing is a negative thought that breeds another negative thought.  But it can also be forcefully good when one finished project leads to another finished project, when one positive idea leads to another positive idea.
5.  Summer morning breezes.

May we walk in Beauty!

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