Dream Big

It’s less than two hours away from 2015.  Perhaps I should be staying up with the other adventurous types and ringing in the New Year.  Instead, I am about to head to bed.  I’ll see what dreams this New Year’s Eve, this central night of Twelve Night will bring me.  Sweet Dreams to you.  Don’t be afraid to dream big dreams, to dream outrageous dreams, to dream in a thousand colors.  Make it happen this year.

Love to all!

Gratitude List:
1. Eagles, herons, vultures, Brant and Canada geese, flickers, red-bellies, robins, titmice
2. Oak, beech, holly, sweet gum, laurel, bay grass
3. Old and new, past and future, present
4. Teachers, activists, priestesses, dreamers, workers, makers, wonderers and wanderers
5. Family, old friends, new friends, acquaintances

May we walk in Beauty!  Beauty all around.

What do you think?

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