Colors of March


Here is a photo from last year when we first began to plant.  It’s that time again!

Gratitude List:
1. Bluebirds and the Bluebird Whisperer.  The bluebirds know my dad.  They “knock” on the window to get his attention.  They fly up to the window perch to thank him after they’ve had their share of mealie worms.  The watch for him through the windows of the house.
2. The stunning scarlet amaryllis of Amaryllis Drive.  They’ve had at least one indoor amaryllis bulb for years and years, so it is only appropriate that their house is now on Amaryllis Drive.  And this year’s crop of blooms is out of this world.  Sun shining through the red petals.
3. Naming the loss.  Often when there are disagreements or differences of opinions in a community, I think we don’t openly name the losses of those who choose to leave, because we don’t want to gossip or pass around misleading information.  But then we never really grieve the loss together.
4. First Responders.  We passed an accident on the way home yesterday on those slippery roads.  People stood out in the freezing rain to help and direct traffic.
5. The way the gulls flew up off the River like snowflakes whirling upward.
6. Bonus, because.  The sap is rising.  I can see it in the shift of color in the willow up on Pisgah, and in the forsythia.

May we walk in Beauty!

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