That’s today’s prompt: swing.  I think I will try a lai with this one.  Nine lines, aabaabaab rhyme scheme, and the a lines are 5 syllables, while the b lines are 2.

I need you to know
how strong you will grow.
This thing
cannot keep you low,
will not stop your flow.
You’ll swing
while the wild winds blow,
you’ll pass to and fro
and sing.

I wanted to write a longer and more in-depth piece to someone, about unconditional love and being deserving of love, but this will hold the place for that, and hopefully say a little of what I want to get across.


Gratitude List:
1. Being trusted
2. Trusting
3. Safe places
4. Glory clouds
5. Forsythia, forsythia, forsythia

Take my hand.  May we walk in Beauty.

2 thoughts on “Swing

    1. The Poetic Asides blog used to incorporate more form poems in the poem-a-day challenges. I think he may have gotten some push-back. He apologized roundly for yesterday’s prompt that limited the writer to two vowels. I think I really need the power of limits occasionally to keep me engaged in the intellectual process and not just the spew of emotion.


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