October Says

2013 November 210

October says,
How the light will


will bathe you in shimmer.
See how light
caresses each molecule–
each metaphor–

how it holds you
in its shine?

Gratitude List:
1. Rivers of song.  Webs of song.  Bridges of song.  How singing together holds us all.  Friday Faculty Hymn Sing.
2. Last night’s Unicef Trick-or-Treat party at school.  They planned it, prepared it, and pulled it off admirably.  AND they cleaned up.  Thoroughly.  If I had a dime for every time some shining teenager came up to me yesterday and asked what they could do to help, I’d be able to take myself out to dinner.  (I accidentally typed “teeneager” there, and that would have been appropriate, too.)
3. Last night’s dream: a warm, well-lit coffeehouse by the River, and me with plenty of time to go and sit and be there with Jon.
4. Baby cheetah asleep last night when I got home, all stretched out on his napping dad.  Little panther up and in costume first thing in the morning.  This yearly opportunity for the kids to think about their alter egos, to explore these deeper  bits of themselves.  Sometimes they are robots or boxes.  It is nice to have wildcats in the house this year.
5. How we are all in this together, you and me and the rest of us.  How you teach me, give me ideas, help me to let go of my stereotypes and old-worn ideas in order to grasp newer, more helpful ways of encountering the world.  Keep me accountable.  Remind me always to keep becoming my better self.

May we walk in Beauty!

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