Gratitudes, Musings

Stand Up to the Bully

It’s seeding time again!  Even though things are changing here, Jon is hard at work, planting seeds for the coming season.  We’ll have a short late-season CSA this fall, but he is planning to sell tomatoes and other goodies individually throughout the summer.  I keep wanting to call that a la carte,

I am becoming increasingly anxious and nervous about the continued popularity of a certain political candidate, despite his obvious and in-your-face xenophobia, racism, sexism, his narcissism and bullying.  I don’t want to live in a country with people who support meanness over substance, who prefer bombast to thoughtfulness, who would rather have a showperson than a statesperson.  I see so many potential terrible endings to this fiasco.  I am angry and frightened, and more than a little shrill.  I’m not sure that right now I can say with Anne Frank that I believe people are really good at heart.  Where is the goodness hidden inside people who stand around and watch with glee while the playground bully gets ready to beat up another victim?  Is this what we’ve come to?  This is not the America I thought I knew.

Gratitude List:
1. Wind–scouring me, scattering me, pulling me out of my safe places.
2. Orange–a waking up color
3. Watching several of our seniors give their senior presentations last night.  They tend to balk at the process, and wonder why we make them do this, but they rise so beautifully to the challenge.  It’s like they’re stepping out onto the launching pad.  See how ready you are to fly!
4. Sunrises
5. Thoughtful discussions with students.

May we walk in Beauty!

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