Gratitudes, Poems

Listen for the Whisper


Listen for the whisper of the moon, daughters.
Listen for the distant calling of a bird in the night.
Listen for the sound of your name in the trickling streams,
and breathe the calling deep into your soul.

Watch for your own colors in the sunrise, children.
Look for your own symbol in the curling vines.
Search the skies for clouds shaped like your own dreams,
and feel your soul take the shape of You.

The world is sending you signals at every moment:
You belong here.  You are a necessary part of this process.
Step into this moment of the River of your life
and feel the cooling waters reinvigorate your soul.

Gratitude List:
1. Spring warmth
2. The morning chatter of the tree people
3. Synchronicity–As when someone comes up and starts talking to you about the exact thing that you’re pondering in a moment
4. All the whispers, the colors, the patterns that seem to say, “You belong here.”
5. Quiet

May we walk in Beauty!

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