A red-shouldered hawk skims the branches
and settles onto the long arm of a walnut.
She ruffles her feathers and settles herself
to watch the grasses below for disturbances.
The slightest deviation will grab her attention,
an errant breeze that tweaks the foxtail,
a caterpillar wriggling across a leaf of plantain.

Gratitude List:
1. Poem in your Pocket Day.  Yesterday was Wrightsville’s version of Poem in Your Pocket Day.  Children of our town are encouraged to take their poems to several businesses around town and read poems to the people who work there.  In response, the businesses offer them little gifties and discounts and coupons from the business.  There were groups of families and children walking all around town yesterday afternoon.  We kept arriving at certain places at about the same time as another family–they became our cohort.  The people at the different businesses were incredibly kind and thoughtful and affirming of the children as they read their poems.  At Marcello’s Pizza, the man came out from behind the counter and crouched down so he could be sure he heard my 7yo son’s poem.  While we were there, we found a poem on the floor–one that someone had lost.  It was apparently written for the occasion because it praised one of the teachers from the school.  Community-building.  Literacy-building.  Child-affirming.  Small Business affirming.  Poetry-affirming.  Perfect.
2. Rain.  I love spring rain.
3. Does spring always take this long to unfold?  The pinks this year seem to go on forever, and the baby greens are so prevalent.  I love this slow unfolding.
4. A cat who loves me.  I am struggling a bit with this at the moment, because he HAS to be on my lap, and he has to try to pet me–to try to get me to pet him–but his paws are so arthritic that he cannot retract his claws, and so I feel like a pincushion. He’s such a snuggler.
5. Stories.

May we walk in Beauty!

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