Walking in Grace

I’m beginning to think about planning a late-June trip to the monastery.  I should get that set up soon.

Gratitude List:
1. The amazing music teachers at my school–they draw such music out of the students.
2. The view of the River from my Mountain.  In every season, I am in awe.
3. Saturday morning
4. Family movie night: “The Wizard of Oz.”  At parts, it was even more bizarre than I remembered.  Fun, though, and fun to hear Joss think it through this morning: “Do you think it might have been only a dream?”
5. I’ve been thinking about the process of walking, how each step is an unbalance–a necessary shift in the weight–and a trust that the next foot will restore the balance.  Life can be that way, too–the next thing comes along to throw you a little off-balance, but it’s part of keeping you in the forward motion, and you have to trust that the work and the energy and the determination of the moment will catch you on the next step, so you’ll be ready for the next unbalancing motion.

May we walk in Grace and Beauty.

What do you think?

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