Mushrooms and Moss


Gratitude List:
1. All the life up in the tops of the trees.  We only see a little bit, only hear the loudest voices.  Small folk are slipping silently from branch to branch.  Species of lichen and moss that we don’t see here on the ground are quietly growing.  The poplar tree is a secret city, full of people going about their business, doing the work of their day, and the sycamore is the suburb.  Yesterday, I stood on the hill behind the house with the binoculars, watching my fire bird call to his demure lady, and I felt like a voyeur, looking into my birdy neighbors’ windows.
2. May Day–Wrightsville Elementary is having the May Day party this morning.  The kids can’t wait, and I am kind of excited myself.  It’s a good community experience.
3. Watching the children become aware of the hearts of others.  Our neighbors are moving, and last night a small boy decided to make a card to wish them well.  There have been challenges in our relationship, so to be able to make this small gesture in the way is helpful.  The children lead us toward goodness.
4. “Yesterday when I was talking to the oriole, I think it understood what I was saying, because it kept talking right back to me.”  A small person is beginning to talk to the birds, just like his Pawpaw.
5. All the sounds we can hear this morning: the end of the Dawn Bird Chorus, a cow, a rooster, a peacock, distant traffic, a small boy chattering, cat purr, geese.  Loudest, most insistent sound of all is Oriole.  My eyes are not yet awake enough to see anything with clarity, but the ears can do the work.

May we walk in Beauty!

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