Walking on Air


I guessed yesterday when my seven-year-old was playing with some other children during the Little League game, running up a dirt mound and jumping off, that he was feeling that flying feeling.  I asked him, and he confirmed that it did feel like he really was flying.  I remember running down the sloping front yard of our house in West Virginia, and knowing that my feet were actually skimming the earth, not really touching down.  Or sliding my feet down the steps, knowing that I was actually in flight mode, not really bound completely to gravity.

But there’s more to it, because even lately, in my middle age, I have had moments when something in the back of my head believes that gravity has less hold on me than it appears.  It’s not just whimsy, and it’s not that I am losing touch with reality.  It has to do with the staying power of dreams.  These days I rarely have the dreams where I am swooping and soaring, but I frequently have the skimming dreams, the walking on air.  And each time it happens, there is a skeptical place in me that tells me it is impossible,  but the wondering place in me reminds me that it has to be possible if it is happening, and so I wake up with a sense of knowing deep inside myself that I can walk on the air.  I don’t know if it’s a vestigial memory of early learning related to walking, or whether it’s a deep internal awareness of inner capacities–that I dream these things when I am about to break through some barrier in waking life, to do something that seems impossible.  I am fascinated by the way that the dream logic leaks into the waking world, the way that back part of my brain takes a moment to wake up and realize that the dream-reality and the waking-reality are different realms.

Gratitude List:
1. Walking on Air
2. Standing firmly on Earth
3. Being Immersed in the day
4. Being on Fire with an idea
5. Carrying on

May we walk in Beauty!

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