What Draws You Forward?


Gratitude List:
1. (What was helpful?) Jon, bringing the air conditioner down from the attic so my allergies would settle down, nettle tea, elderberry syrup, ginger tincture, and finally–Dayquil
2. (What did you hear?) The otherworldly sound of that girls’ trio yesterday–like angels, perhaps, but with grit in their voices; and the jazz combo that accompanied them; and the tenor voice that I often hear behind me in chapel; and the rootsy/blue-grassy band that played at the end; oriole, who sends off each morning, and welcomes me home in the afternoon
3. (What draws you forward?) The weekend coming, the summer coming, the sense of a job mostly well done
4. (What inspires you?) Students who have stories of hardship, but who persevere anyway; the rebels and revolutionaries who seek to make a world in which all may be welcome everywhere
5. (What do you see?)  Green, blue, golden sun, orange flame of a bird in the leaves, the eyes of young people learning to love themselves and to love the world

May we walk in Beauty!

What do you think?

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