Dreamers and Poets

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Having fun with the photo apps on my new phone.

Gratitude List:
1(What gives you courage?)
The people who use language to build bridges
The ones who sit outside the fortress
and invite the rock-throwers to the table
The ones who sit in the breach
and reach their hands to both sides
The ones who straddle the trenches
2. (What is satisfying?) My classroom is ready for summer cleaning.
3. (Who is helpful?) All the people who work at the school to clean up after us, to prepare the place for the next season.  They don’t get thanked enough.
4. (What is healing?) Eight hours of sleep.  When did I last get eight hours of sleep?  And there was very little waking up throughout.
5. (Where do you find inspiration?) Dreams and poems.  Dreamers and poets.

May we walk in Beauty!

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