Sleeping Out of Doors

Little Sister

Gratitude List:
1. (What has held you?) Falling asleep to the sound of crickets and peepers, watching the fireflies twinkling in the feathery leaves of the walnut tree.  I have been reading of their decline, but have not noticed it here in the Hollow.  If anything, this year they are more prolific.
2. (What satisfies?) Watching how the children made an immediate home in the big tent, how they long to live outside.
3. (What delights?) My seven-year-old taskmaster.  Yesterday, it was all I could do to catch a moment to myself.  If I wandered away from the garage, he would find me and give me a ticket: No Parking, and tell me to get back to cleaning the garage for Monday’s shares.  He claimed he wanted to help, and he certainly did help quite a bit, but he also sat on a chair and “suggested” the next thing that I should do.
4. (Where did you meet the Great Mystery?) In flavorful food, in the morning sun on walnut leaves, in the whispery sound of a small person playing behind me.
5. (What draws you forward?) Three days of solitude approach.  I leave tomorrow morning for the Jesuit Center.  What an excited little monk-person I am.  How will I find stillness when I am squirming so much with the very anticipation?  (I think I will manage.)

May we walk in Beauty!

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