Wide and Close


Panorama photos provide interesting, and often slightly disturbing, perspectives.  This one captures the way the labyrinth at the Jesuit Center is in a little protected space, but also how it has a view of both the monastery and the grounds.  But the benches on either side of this photo are placed next to each other, on either side of the entrance to the labyrinth.

Gratitude List:
1. Learning a new thing.  I have been making empanadas, expanding my dough repertoire.
2. This kiddo is cutting and pasting magazine pictures, making his own little book of pictures he likes.
3. Reading with children.  This is connected to visceral memory from my childhood.  I sometimes say that I became an elementary school teacher years ago just so I could read to kids like my mother read to us.  Then I had kids so I could read to kids (there may have been some other reasons).  I cannot read CS Lewis or JRR Tolkien without hearing my mother’s voice.  My children will not be able to read Redwall without hearing my “interesting” attempts at various accents.  I sit on the couch, and no matter how hot it is, they snuggle under my wings.
4. Summer’s pacing.
5. Goldfinch Farm Crew!

May we walk in Beauty!

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