Dear Friends

I love this tree

Dear friends, dear friends,
Can I tell you how I feel?
You have given me such blessing.
I love you so.
(Sing to the old tune of “Soul Cake”)

Try this:
Sit in a circle at dusk with people you love.
Let it be when the swifts are flying.
Let there be a catbird with a whiskery voice in a spruce tree.
Speak your stories into the bowl of the space between you:
stories like a rich meal, the bitter, the savory, the sweet.
Let it get dark.  The darkness will listen, too.
You can hear people listening when you speak in the dark.
You may light a candle if you have a candle.
Laugh together.  Cry.
Let there be occasional questions,
occasional grunts, occasional exclamations of oh-I-hear-that!
Make a meal of the stories before you,
and eat your fill. Be nourished.
Be together in your stories.
Know that all these stories are your story, too.
Let there be a benediction,
words sung or spoken into the full dark,
accompanied by the chittering of bats,
good words to keep you always
in this circle where you belong.

Gratitude List:
1. Circles
2. Swifts and bats
3. Children obsessed with the game that they have created between them.
4. Stories.  All of them.  Holding them together. The inspiration of stories.
5. Circles.  Did I say circles?

Much love.  May we walk in Beauty.  May we walk in Love.
May we live in the center of our stories

2 thoughts on “Dear Friends

  1. Thank you, My Friend! May we all keep dreaming our way into the heart of the Goose, wandering into that Vortex of Love, celebrating our stories. I am so grateful for the ways the weavings keep touching each other, keep settling into the same spaces–perhaps it’s because we are all living the same Story. Thank you for Noticing. Much Love.


  2. May be that you dreamed your way into the Goose, for your words have taken me right back into the vortex of Love that was the very celebration of Story that was this year’s theme … Thank you for being the feeling wordsmith that you are, for here you have well represented the depth of meaning in each of our stories .. and the value that the sharing of them so magnifies.


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