Gratitudes, Musings

Being Unsettled


I’m not sure that watching the conventions or reading the analyses of the US election campaigns is helping me to feel any sense of ease about our upcoming vote.  I have lots of random thoughts:

–I feel really bad for the sensible conservatives.  While I don’t agree with people like Kasich on many issues, I think he would have been a really thoughtful person to run.  Respectable.  I wish there were an outlet for conservative people with good ideas to slip out from behind the current wall of bombast and rhetoric.
–I feel really bad for the sensible liberals, too.  I disagree with Hillary Clinton on many issues.  Still, it feels as though I can vote on the liberal side, with the hope that Sanders and Warren will continue to keep the conversation real.  I think it is going to be important for the sensible liberals to hold tightly to their ideals in the coming months.
–I feel especially bad for the sensible progressives.  Still, I think that there is at least a platform for their voices to be heard.
–I hate that my vote is partly an anti-vote.
–I love Brooks and Shields: i trust their analysis of politics.  They don’t get caught up in the rhetoric of either side.
–The Obamas are really satisfying speech-makers: intellectual, thoughtful, compassionate, aware of the world.
–Bill Clinton is an amazing storyteller.  I don’t know if I trust him, but I enjoy listening to his stories.
–I was not particularly impressed with Bloomberg’s speech as a speech, but he did speak to me, and I remembered that I have been a registered Independent.  I think I might do that again.
–It’s hard to listen to the “Greatest Nation” rhetoric, the nationalism and militarism that seeps into most of the speeches.
–As a pacifist, perhaps I cannot ethically vote at all for a commander in chief. I think that this is a tension that I should keep alive within myself if I am to participate in the US political process. Even though I have appreciated quite a lot about Barack Obama as a president, I have been deeply disturbed by his use of drones.
–I like speeches that call us to be our best selves, that remind us of great thinkers and doers of the past.

Gratitude List:
1. Being unsettled: I don’t really like it, but I think the discomfort helps to keep the ideals alive.
2. Children playing in the water together, catching and cooking crabs for their supper, working together to engineer the payload on a hypothetical NASA project.
3. New birds.  The delicate black-necked stilt.  The scarlet beak of the oyster catcher.
4. Our incredible farm crew
5. Bridges, causeways, liminal spaces.  Shall we stand together on the bridges and in the doorways?
6. The names we all choose for the different types of puzzle pieces.  We use different words, but we

May we walk in Beauty!

What do you think?

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