Parenting as a Spiritual Path

I caught him in the middle of conversation. He always has quite a lot to say.

Remember that boy that I brought to tears the other day because of the homework? Last night he finished the project, and got most of the daily homework done, too. Trust the child to find his way, Mama.

It’s just that he reminds me so much of myself, I think. I have always struggled with deadlines, and the stress of the last minute. Still, it is partly the looming deadline itself that brings the fire of inspiration for me–why should it be different for him?

Parenting is a spiritual path, isn’t it? It requires self-awareness in spades.  Self-control. Patience. It brings deep love and gratitude at every step. I keep feeling like I am getting it wrong, begin to feel that shame of inadequacy (and what shame is worse than the shame of letting another human down?), and then suddenly grace appears, and mercy, and whole new rooms open up.

Gratitude List:
1. Pawpaws
2. Getting the work done
3. Last night was Back-to-School Night at school, where the parents walk through their students’ schedules. I think it was just too hot for lots of people, but I did get to have some wonderful conversations with many parents. I love to talk to the parents about their students.
4. The sunrises have been so beautiful. Magenta and violet, gentle and heart-opening.
5. Friday.

May we walk in Beauty!

4 thoughts on “Parenting as a Spiritual Path

  1. Beth, my name is Donna (I lead silent retreats for Kairos at the Jesuit Center — and your mom is a dear friend of mine). Someone told me of your blog a couple months ago. Now I am always eager to come and read what you are noticing in your day. I am so often enriched, expanded, and companioned. Thank you so much!! (Just thought I should let you know how your words touch and inspire me.)


    1. Thank you, Donna! It’s good to meet you here. I am glad the blog meets something for you. I love my times of silence at the Jesuit Center. It have become part of the rhythm of my year to go up there when the school year is over,so I can regroup and settle into myself. Thanks for introducing yourself!


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