Never Again

Their names were:
Kyunqueagoah and Koweenasee
Tenseedaagua and Kanianguas
Saquies-hat-tah and Chee-na-wan
Quaachow (Kyunqueagoah’s son)
Shae-e-kah (a boy)
Ex-undas (Young Sheehays, a boy)*
Tong-quas (a boy)
Hy-ye-naes (a boy)
Ko-qoa-e-un-quas (a girl)
Karen-do-uah (a little girl)
Canu-kie-sung (a girl)
* (Sheehays was the name of one of the six murdered on the 14th of December in the village of Conestoga. I cannot find record of whether they were related. It is possible. Likely?)

Six adults and eight children, living–for their own safety–in the Lancaster workhouse, when they were brutally massacred by an angry armed band of vigilantes in 1763. Except for an elderly couple who escaped the brutal massacre because they lived elsewhere, these are the last of the Susquehannocks.

Tonight, we gathered at the spot with candles and sage. We talked quietly and cradled our candles against the breeze. I saw friends I treasure, and made a new friend–a wise woman full of compassion and infectious hope. May our resolve and hope and community call us forth into a new year with a firm commitment to continue to create a world more in harmony with Spirit and each other, one that will not tolerate hate and meanness, but will celebrate every act of gentleness and open-heartedness as Spirit-given.

Gratitude List:
1. Old friends. New friends. Isn’t it wonderful to have friends who “get” you? Who can intuit what you’re really about?
2. The smell of sacred sage, how it hangs about in my clothes and hair, reminding me to let go, let go, let go. . .
3. Commemoration. Saying “Never Again” together, and together drawing on hope for new pathways and ways of being. Plotting the loving revolution.
4. Chocolate. Chocolate and coffee. And more chocolate.
5. Maggie Doyne and BlinkNow. I showed the boys a video of her this evening, and they were really curious about her and what it means to parent fifty children. All around the world, there are people doing the Work: Maggie Doyne. Malala. Some kind woman on a bus somewhere standing between a bully and a vulnerable person. The Water Protectors. You.

May we walk in Beauty!

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