The magnolia tree at school is blooming.

I’ve become a baseball mom. I don’t get to practices or games as often as his dad, but I love hanging out on the sidelines cheering and chatting with the other parent. Out here at the ball field, you can get in some good birding too.

You know that feeling when you’re out in the waves and there’s that last sucking pull of the undertow before the next wave comes in and lifts you up? That’s where I am now. I feel the undertow, and it’s really strong, and soon the wave will come and lift me up and I’ll be able to breathe comfortably again. Eight more days of school this year. Then grades. Then I’ll get to feel those waves in a non-metaphorical sense.

Gratitude List:

1. The scent of honeysuckle. I know it’s invasive, but it’s the smell of early summer, and the kids all love it.

2. Blessings. I am trying to make my poems for class these days be blessings.

3. The look of a freshly raked ball field.

4. Messiean’s bird compositions. A little discordant–not for simple background music, but a joy to listen to.

5. The sacred at of crocheting. Making knots that become warm coverings or vessels. I’m beginning to make crocheted baskets/bowls again.

May we walk in Beauty.

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