In This Space

Poster at the YWCA, where the Women’s Emergency Shelter is held

A night at the Emergency Women’s Shelter throws off my sleeping, but it’s worth it.  I am grateful for the people who organize it, for all the dozens of volunteers who keep it running suring the cold season.

Day 2 of sketching something every day: It was dark-ish when I photographed it, so I can’t seem to clear out the blue. I drew this from a collage I made from magazine pieces. I feel like it shows my really amateurish style. Yesterday’s drawing, while more cartoony, seemed stronger to me, less amateurish. Well, it’s about learning, and Mockingbird says to stop fussing about it, and just draw, draw, draw.


Gratitude List:
1. Sleep
2. Fluffernutter cracker sandwiches
3. A fresh page
4. Wild winds
5. Sharing story

May we walk in Beauty!

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