Today’s prompt is to write a poem with an insect in the title.

Bee Swarm

It was just such a day as this,
on a breezy May morning.
when I laid my new baby
on a cloth beneath the sycamore.

Winds tickled our faces,
sunlight trickled through branches,
and here and there the bees,
the little sisters, zipped around us.

Then time turned itself inside out
and for one sweet shining moment
outside of all moments
we were enswarmed,
enswirled within
a glistening golden vortex
of humming bees,
each a vibrant droplet of light
whirling ’round us.

We were observed, included.
We felt the whisper of a thousand wings,
and then we were released again
into the stream of time.

I took up my sleeping child
and held him to my heart.

Above us, on a branch,
hung a golden pulsing globe of bees,
holding within their ball of light
the trembling majesty
of their fresh-flown queen.


Gratitude List:

1. Yellow daffodils

2. Yellow forsythia

3. Yellow goldfinches

4. Yellow willow

5. Yellow sun on my skin

May we walk in Beauty!

What do you think?

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