Penny the Dog

Gratitude of Resistance Four:
Penny. Dogs. Interspecies communication.  Jon was the first to notice the dog walking across the newly-harvested cornfield across from Landis Homes. We were on our way to eat lunch in the restaurant there with my parents and we’d just gotten out of the car. We watched her a moment. She was making a straight line, mostly, but she looked a little confused. We could see it in her aspect. When I crossed the road and spoke to her, she made a steady line toward me. As we approached each other and I was considering at what point I should kneel down to her, she made the first move, sitting down, hunching her shoulders, and tucking her head down to her paws. It was pretty clear that she was saying something like, “I think I have been a very bad dog, but I am lost and scared and I need your help.”

I found her phone number on her tag, and as I started to stand up to call, she saw Jon and the boys in the LH parking lot and made a happy beeline straight for them. Fortunately there was a break in traffic, so she got across. Jon lifted her into the back of the Prius and sat in the back while I drove down the road to the address listed on her tag. She didn’t want to stay in the way back alone, so she jumped over the seat and into Jon’s lap, where she proceeded to lick his face.

At her house, her person said that she is usually very good about staying in the yard, but that she thinks Penny was disoriented by the change in her view after the corn was harvested.

I’m not the kind of person who lives with a dog, but I love dogs, and the way this sweet little beagley person communicated with us yesterday was a delight. All’s well that ends well.

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