Trick or Treat

We got a late trick or treat start, so I didn’t get the obligatory photo in their costumes (we’re going to make them dress up for a photo shoot today or tomorrow), but here’s a pumpkin carving photo. Barn shadows are stunning in these autumns afternoons.

Gratitude of Resistance Seven:
This national ritual of blessing the children. That’s really what it is. Yes, it’s too much candy. Yes, there are sometimes pretty bloody images. Still, what we experience as a family every year on Halloween is genuine neighborliness. People sit out on their porches and smile at children, give them treats, tell them how great they look. And we folk who come from dark country roads into well-light towns are always welcomed as neighbors. This is my vision of America. We ought to have more door-to-door holidays.

May we walk in Beauty! Won’t you be my neighbor?

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