Why, hello, willow catkins! Welcome!

The Greek word demos means population or people. Demographic, endemic, epidemic, pandemic. Epi- means “upon,” and pan means “all.” So there’s this thing right now that affects all the people. Of course, we won’t all get it, and most of the demos who do won’t die of it. But it’s going to hurt a lot of us, all around the world–it already is.

What can you and I do to help mitigate the effects? Do your neighbors need childcare for youngsters whose schools are closed? Are the children who get regular meals at school getting enough food at home? How can our communities of care be mobilizing now to make sure that the people in our local demos are going to survive this?

I do understand that we don’t want stock markets to crash and burn, but I am also agog at the amount of money the Fed could simply apply to the market, simply to see it dwindle away in a day, when we have no testing capabilities in our communities, when we have children and college students whose lives are disrupted to the point that they will become food insecure, when we have workers who are losing their paychecks because their businesses are closing down. This administration is always more focused on the needs of the investors and the wealthy class than on the needs of the people. It looks like the social service agencies and faith communities and neighborhoods are going to need to fill in the gaps.

Noticings and Gratitudes (Which Are the Same Thing):
1. Yesterday, we had a few unplanned minutes at the end of the class after student presentations. One student said, “I will give you my presentation on the Russian revolution!” And she did. She sent me her slides, and then proceeded to lecture those of us who wanted to listen on the history of the Russian Revolution. I love my students. This is one example of dozens of lovely moments with students in my day yesterday.
2. Willow is coming out in bud. Yellow, yellow, yellow.
3. On the way home from school, the clouds were filled with eyes.
4. The morning energy I get from a little fat and protein in my coffee. I know I have said this one recently, but it’s been amazing to gauge my energy in the mornings since I started doing this again, and I feel much less like I have to force myself into the day.
5. I began packing boxes in my classroom yesterday in preparation for the AC renovation this summer. So grateful for the hope of a liveable classroom in August.

May we walk in Beauty!

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