Gratitudes, Poems

Voicing the Lies

Day 6 of All the Things I Wish I Had Said (While You Were Still Here)
Today’s Prompt is to write a poem in which every line is a lie.  Hmmm.

The Lie

Nothing you can ever do will make a difference.
Your voice is too small to be heard.
Love is not the answer.

Throw money at the problem–that will solve it.
You cannot succeed, so don’t try.
It’s just not worth it.

The world around you is a hostile place.
Everyone else is out to get you.
You have to go it alone.

Gratitude List:
1. Signs and wonders
2. Shine and sparkle
3. Resolve and grit
4. Hope and anticipation
5. The renewing process of breathing.  In. Out. In. Out.

May we walk in Beauty.

What do you think?

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