Blackout Poem


Today’s Prompt is a Blackout Poem:
This is Day 7 of my All the Things I Wish I Had Said (While You Were Still Here)

Artfully worked blackout poetry takes some time, and I do not have much of that and the moment.  I raced through an article titled “Opt for the Legume?” in a newsletter from King’s Agri-Seeds.

should you consider
the relationship

the answer is
just as important
an issue

if you stand
you can yield

if you raise the matter
the synergy is better

either way,
you shouldn’t do it

it comes down to asking yourself,
how much benefit are you gaining
either way?

thrive in certain situations

Gratitude List:
1. Spending time in the head.  Words, words, words.
2. Signs
3. Allergy reprieve (I think)–yesterday was a really difficult day, allergy-wise.  Today will be better.
4. The trio of roadside flowers: Queen Anne’s Lace, Orange Day Lily, Blue Eye of Chicory
5. Green

May we walk in Beauty!

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