Companionable Contentment

Mud flats2
The mud flats at low tide. Feeding frenzy.

Gratitude List:
1. The contented skronking sound of ibis feeding at low tide,  There are lots of egrets and other waders in the photo, but the ibis were the talkers.
2. Towhee on the top tassel of a pine tree, sun on his puffed-out chest, head thrown back, exhorting us over and over again to drink our tea.
3. The careful wonder-filled process of examining our Virginia Rail ID with my nephew.
4. Happy laughing children on the beach.
5. The companionable quiet of the early-risers.  We whisper, we read and write and pray and meditate and drink coffee.  We hand each other poems and articles to read.

May we walk in Beauty and Wonder.

What do you think?

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