Gratitudes, Poems

We Wait all Year for This



At first, it’s just a glimpse
of a small black gleaming triangle
far out between the waves.

You do not even know if you have seen
what you thought you saw.
But there is it again, and then

you see the rolling arc
of sleek and silent bodies
slipping through the roll of waves

and you think that you could almost swim to them.
Suddenly, there’s a sense of hush
even amid the roar of waves

and everyone is standing, eyes shielded
or hands on hips, that smile on their lips
and the same look of wonder in their eyes.

Suddenly, a long silver-black body
leaps free, and all the gathered watchers
have catapulted too–

for one hushed breath, we all are dolphins,
fins and tails above the water,
a path of sun sprinkling the waves.

Gratitude List:
1. Paddle boarding.  I could have ended up in the middle of the sound had they not called me back.  I was following the web of sun sparkles across the water, and got lost in the space between worlds.
2. Those other bright-winged folk, the Dragonflies.
3. Bonding with my nephews: games and puzzles and birding and food and sand and water.
4. Sharing platefuls of steamed clams and breaded shrimp with a little seafood lover last night for supper.  We wait all year for this.
5. Good, thoughtful speeches.  The art and finesse of speech writing is not dead.

May we walk in Beauty!

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