As I think about constructing haiku, I think that perhaps the contemplative act of writing such a poem must include mulling throughout the day on the cutting word and the season word. If a poem hinges on two words, I think great care must be taken in the choosing of the words, like the process of creating a gratitude list–it becomes part of the day’s work: finding the gratitudes, finding the cutting and season words.  Distance is today’s cutting word, and migrating is for the season.

delicate orange wings
float across vast distance–
monarchs are migrating.

Gratitude List:
1. Boy doing spelling homework, putting the words in ABC order: “This is FUN!”
2. The satisfying glurg in the sink drain after I stuffed the baking soda down, poured in the vinegar, and capped the drain with a jar lid. Unclogged.
3. Yesterday’s sermon: quilting stories together with words. Find your stranger and tell your stories. Identify your commonalities and begin from there. Entertaining angels unawares.
4. Cool mornings. Have I mentioned how much I love cool mornings? How they invigorate and energize me?
5. Butterflies. Have you been seeing lots of monarchs too?  A couple weeks ago at the church picnic, they seemed to think that the children zooming down the water slide were flowers–one or two kept flitting around the action. There were several up at camp this past weekend as well.

May we walk in Beauty!

What do you think?

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