Contemplating Dreams and Seeds

Photo from April 2007. May the seeds we plant today grow and flourish.

Random morning musings on the last morning of 2017:
The sun is rising on the last morning of 2017. I can’t say I am very sad to see it go, but it’s had its share of beautiful and shining moments. While 2018 stands golden on the horizon, just like that ball of the sun, we can know with absolute certainty that it will hold its own share of difficulties.

Here are some Re-Solutions I am carrying for the coming year:
–Less giving in to fits of unbridled fury. More using of rage to fuel transformative action.
–Less worrying what others think. More focus on what I think.
–Less frittering. More focusing.
–More and more and more noticing, and being in the moment, being present.
–Follow the images and stories that my dreams show me.

This is last night’s dream. It’s not deeply profound, perhaps, but it suggests a magical realism that I want to begin to incorporate more into my writing.

In the dream, I am reading something by Barry Lopez or Gary Snyder. It sounds something like this:
“Once there were bears, massive creatures of sinew and blood and bone, great beasts of tooth and fur and claw. A day came when they turned themselves into trees, and the trees turned into birds and flew away.”

Just a little fragment, a seed of possibility.

Speaking of seeds, have you seen the little cartoon of two little critters? One is looking anxious and belabored. The other is looking happy, and digging in the dirt. The anxious one says something like, “Why are you so optimistic about the coming year? Everything seems to messed up. What could the new year possibly bring?”

“I think,” says the other, “that it will bring flowers.”

“Why?” asks Anxious Critter.

“Because,” says Happy Critter, “I am planting flowers.”

Ah. There it is.

What do you think?

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