Walking Through the Gateway of Another Year

Let’s call them New Year’s Revolutions
or Re-Solutions
or Revelations
or Re-evaluations.

Change. Progress.
Uncovering. Assessing.

In the coming year, I resolve to re-solve
my problems and issues every day
not just on this morning.

For every morning is the morning
of a whole new year,
a bright blank page
in which any thing
can be a new thing.

Let every moment be a moment like now,
when the newborn sun shines
over the ridge
onto the scarlet breast
of a cardinal,
and the eye
for a moment sees nothing,
nothing but sparkling red.

Gratitude List:
1. The red breast of the cardinal on the hill
2. The scent of orange and cloves
3. The sound of a woodpecker drumming high in a tree on the bluff
4. A warm house and warm clothes in bitter weather
5. All my Beloveds.

May we walk together in Beauty into a radiant new season.

2 thoughts on “Walking Through the Gateway of Another Year

  1. Hi, Beth, I love your blog! I responded to this one by email and I’m not sure you got it. Is there another way I can get a message to you, besides here? Thanks!


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