The Lore of The Lady

Art by Mockingbird+AI

On the night before Brigid’s Day, they say, hang a cloth out of doors, where The Lady, when she passes by, will touch it. Then in the coming year that cloth may be a comfort wrapped arounda sore throat or aching head.

Oh, I know science, and I listen hard to those who know it better than me, but I also know comfort, and a star-kissed, moon-kissed, chill-kissed scarf left out on the night of The Lady would indeed be a comfort as I sip my lemon tea with honey.

And so a blessed Imbolc night to you.

May your hearth be warm and cozy.

May you and your beloveds be hale and healthy and hearty.

And may your words be wise and well-chosen.

A red scarf to wind about my neck for comfort.

Gratitude List:

  • A great bunch of students in my classes this semester.
  • Courses that offer me a creative outlet.
  • I slept for 8 hours straight last night.
  • Salmon patties for supper, with spinach and refried beans.
  • You, and you, and you!

May we walk in Beauty!

“ In the dark times, will there also be singing?Yes, there will be singing.About the dark times.” —Bertolt Brecht

“No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself.” —Virginia Woolf

One of the old names for today is Candlemas, when we acknowledge how the light has been within us all along, how much light we have to offer. Take stock of your candles. What is the small flame that you can offer the world in this moment? What is the fuel that you share?Perhaps you are already doing it–tending daily to children or calling your senators, teaching teenagers to ask discerning questions or planting seeds for the crops that will feed your neighbors, healing bodies, gathering friends, listening. Today, this week, this month, do that work like a prayer, like a magic spell. Do it with intention, knowing that your work is changing the world, that what you do is fighting the forces of wanton destruction and power-mongering. —Beth Weaver-Kreider, Mockingbird Chronicles, Feb 2020

We are not alone. You are not alone. Reach out. Take hands. Build the webs. Ask for help, and be the helper.Let’s situate ourselves so that we are always ready–strong enough, centered enough, grounded enough–to step up and do the work of love and compassion and justice, to stand up, to stand between, to risk, to raise our voices, to be the fierce and defiant hope for the future we want to create. —Beth Weaver-Kreider, Mockingbird Chronicles, Feb 2020

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